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Oops… Looks like I waited too long to make this compilation of 30 Minute challenge entries. A few of these were changed from when they first appeared - mostly minor details.

The original version of the Doctor Who one didn’t have Roseluck. The one with Ryoga didn’t have a background (but that wasn’t my fault, the battery on my stylus died!). The original version of the Lifeguard Bigmac can be found here.

The sketches for the people that didn’t win the raffle for How Do You Pony


The prize for Brainy Twilight for winning the How Do You Pony raffle ^_^.

The prize for Brainy Twilight for winning the How Do You Pony raffle ^_^.

Sketches I do at work on scraps of paper. I use post-it notes sometimes.
I wish I could bring my old tablet here and install an art program… But people would notice :p

The best way to get kids to read a book is to say: ‘This book is not appropriate for your age, and it has all sorts of horrible things in it like sex and death and some really big and complicated ideas, and you’re better off not touching it until you’re all grown up. I’m going to put it on this shelf and leave the room for a while. Don’t open it.
 Philip Pullman (via abookblog)
My stylus needed a battery change in the middle of the last 30 minute challenge. I just needed to add some shadows and the background too :(
Anyway, this was funny to me, but I don’t think many people are gonna remember that time when Ryoga got so lost he just popped out of the ground.

My stylus needed a battery change in the middle of the last 30 minute challenge. I just needed to add some shadows and the background too :(

Anyway, this was funny to me, but I don’t think many people are gonna remember that time when Ryoga got so lost he just popped out of the ground.



Right now I am badly stuck and I’m angry and frustrated. But I also know that sometimes, one has to take a big step and that even though it might not happen right away, good things will happen eventually. And don’t forget how rewarding it feels when you’ve finally climbed that stupid step!

Currently can say that I understand how PetitPotato felt with the first sentence of their comment.




Seizure First Aid. 

Learn it. Share it. Know it. Use it. 

100% correct medical information on tumblr for once; also consider calling 911 if you don’t know how often the person has seizures and ESPECIALLY if the seizure has lasted 5 minutes or more (which is why the watch is critical)

This is so important!

I’ve started posting my 30 minute challenges individually on deviantArt instead of making compilations, but I dunno how I feel about doing that on tumblr. It seems like that’d be a bit much. I kinda like seeing them as a photoset.

Also, I forgot to make Sea Breeze’s wings visible when I submitted that drawing initially. On the 30 minute challenge entry, he’s just hovering there without wings XD.

I never get to say this…

I followed an artist who recently deleted his tumblr account. The last thing he posted was a rant about how everyone was getting better at art and he didn’t feel like he was getting any good. His art was nice and you could tell he put a lot of effort into it, but it apparently wasn’t enough for him.

Some people tried to console him or give him advice, but he’d just lash out at them. It’s sad, but on some level I really related to him. I love drawing and I like my art, but I don’t have any delusions of how awesome it is. It just is what it is - some people like it and I’m okay with that.

The problem is, I couldn’t think of anything to say to this guy. He didn’t need cheering up. He needed something I was able to find for myself: a reason to struggle.

This isn’t just true for art. It’s something you face when you decide you want to become good at anything. Learning the process is easy, but perfecting it is something else entirely. The two years since I decided to start working digitally have been the most tiresome - yet more rewarding years I’ve ever spent drawing.

At no point did I ever feel like I was good at it. In fact, I still don’t. I literally approach every drawing with a sense of reluctance and uncertainty. And when I finish, all I can see are errors. The thing is, I see more errors now than I did a year ago. I see them earlier in the process and I fix them faster and faster each time. Sometimes my drawing sessions feel like a job as I dive in fixing mistakes here and there.

And it makes me feel like I’ll never be any good. But I keep going because I know it isn’t true. As long as you keep going, improvement is inevitable. You have to keep trying.

One day you’ll be drawing something. Mentally swearing at yourself for how much you got wrong. Facepalming because you can’t get a certain detail just right. But you keep drawing until you finish it. And when it’s done you might shake your head in discouragement… or you might compare it to something you drew before and realize just how far you’ve come. And that feels good.

Maybe people will see your drawing and critique it and point out things they like and dislike. Maybe other people will look at it and just adore it. And that feels good.

Maybe you’ll realize that everything you struggled with a few months ago is suddenly really easy now. And that feels good.

Maybe you’ll draw something abstract, but a total stranger will see it and totally get what you’re trying to say or offer a new interpretation that you didn’t see before. That feels good too.

These are just a few of the aspects of art that feel good. But improving yourself? Learning new techniques? Competing with others to make yourself better? That’s work. It’s more like exercise. One day you can run a mile, then two, then ten. When you can run ten miles, running 5 doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But it’s a lot of work getting to that point.

And that’s pretty much all I can say. I wish I would’ve said it earlier before the guy closed his account. I’m not even sure it would’ve made a difference.

Anyway.. I’ve got some work to do…

My 14th compilation of 30 Minute Challenges that I posted for deviantArt. Although I’m thinking it’s about time to start posting some of these individually instead of making these collections. It certainly would be easier on me.

I’ve been playing Minecraft on this seed lately. You start off in a Savanna with lots of wood, grass, and easy access to water. Nearby to the east you’ll find sugar cane, cows, and pigs. Slightly to the west there are sheep and ducks. To the south there’s a desert. If you head east before running into the snow peaked mountains, you’ll find a desert village. If you go over the mountains and pass the lava falls, you’ll find a swamp (which is important to me cuz I like to have an easy way to collect slime).

This has to be the easiest start in Minecraft I’ve ever had. Here’s the seed: Sweetie Belle

This is for version 1.7.4

My 13th compilation of 30 minute challenge entries! That means I have at least 130 drawings for it. The actual number is probably a bit higher for reasons.

Can you give me your artistic timeline such as what you started drawing and what you do now? Also can you give any beginners any vids or books or techniques you used to be where you are now?


I didn’t use books or vids but check out Sycra on YT

I just did it a lot.